JOHZEEF, Indie NeoBrutalist Design. Staging a Scene for an Indie Artist

Ben Ajaero
3 min readFeb 2, 2024

As an independent designer who values bold self-expression in art, I was compelled to craft a striking digital presence for musician Johzeef that echoed his daring spirit as an indie artist. Johzeef’s raw musical works exude creativity and originality — qualities I sought to highlight through a minimal yet impactful design.

A Vibrant Palette for Visual Impact

The process began by selecting a bright yellow as the primary accent colour. This bold choice was intentional, meant to command attention against more subdued tones commonly seen online. Yellow symbolized Johzeef’s music, which stands out vibrantly in the often dimly lit realm of indie artists. I wanted the website’s visual palette alone to reflect Johzeef’s colourful personality.

Neobrutalism for Energy and Authenticity

I paired the vivid yellow with a pared-back neobrutalist aesthetic to evoke an unpolished yet energetic vibe. Chunky sans serif fonts provided high visual contrast while nodding to indie’s DIY roots. Every typographic and chromatic decision was carefully calibrated to immerse visitors in Johzeef’s world and set the stage for his auditory works upon each visit. The visual language works harmoniously to transport audiences into his artistic universe.

Usability and Authentic Representation

Beyond bold aesthetics, usability was also imperative. Intuitive horizontal navigation facilitates easy browsing. The “Projects” feed offers a window into Johzeef’s creative process, encapsulating the unpredictable nature of indie music-making. It promises fans a front-row seat to his journey of musical self-discovery.

Authentic representation of Johzeef’s artistry was paramount. Each design element aimed to reflect his daring spirit through fearless use of colour, minimalism and celebration of originality. The end result is a digital home that matches Johzeef’s rebellious personality through visual and experiential design.

Crafting Experiences that Resonate

As an independent designer, my goal is to craft digital experiences that resonate far beyond surface-level aesthetics. Through in-depth collaboration and empathetic understanding of clients, I aim to design spaces that capture their authentic essence and empower their work. The redesigned website for Johzeef strives to do just that, setting the stage for his raw musical talents to shine through for years to come. It serves as a humble showcase of how visual design can amplify independent artists when approached with care, creativity and respect for their vision.

You can feel free to check out the website here:

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